November 2, 2011

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When all else fails I turn on netflix, watch an episode of Psych and then laugh until I snort.


always a way back November 1, 2011

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The other day I was sitting at the computer working with my husband when we heard a key rattling around in the lock of our door. I smiled because I knew what it was… someone walked onto the wrong floor and being as that every floor is identical here, unless you stop to really look closely, you’ll end up at the wrong apartment. I carefully opened the door as not to cause alarm, and there stood and older lady who jumped quickly back. “Do you happen to have the wrong apartment?” I asked politely. She fumbled for words… looked up at the number on my door… and stands there bewildered. I helped her out by explaining that she probably came off of the elevator onto the wrong floor, it’s no biggie. She was shaking. After she realized her mistake she anxiously laughed and went back to the elevator. Could there have been anything she expected less than to walk into her apartment and be greeting by a frum family of 5 in her living room?

Such is life. You fail to notice one small difference in your journey and you end up in an totally different place. It’s nice when you notice before you open the door, but there is a path back either way.


On the Bright Side

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After a full day of Mommy-work, I opened my computer about an hour ago to get BB-work done and so far I have managed to:
* cuddle a child who was waking up
* comfort a child who was hurting
* helped a child with the potty–multiple times
* give and clean up several snacks and drinks
* put away left overs
* clean the table
* do some homework with my son
* clean up a mess on the floor
* comfort another hurting child
* answered an email
* and write this post (okay, that one was my fault)

Thank God for children! If only someone would pay me for taking care of them and I’d totally have it made!

On a humourous note: Two separate someones said to me recently, “Hey, I didn’t know you worked for Starbucks!”

Oh, no-no-no! I work at Starbucks… not for Starbucks.
See, I’m there just as often, but the difference is that they refuse to play for my health insurance plan and they wont let me wear one of those cool aprons. Though, I am still trying to figure out how to get them to give me my own key. I always clean up after myself, so the way I figure it, it’s the least that they owe me.

Really, I don’t even like coffee and their tea is not really my cup of well–you know. But I buy it anyhow so that they can’t complain about me stealing their internet. Sometimes I even drink it. The tea, not the internet. And never the coffee, because I only like burnt leaf-water, not burnt bean-water. But the people are nice!

On yet another humourous note: A client handed me a payment for work we did for her in the form of a check… made out to the local grocery store. Ha! That is so something I would do. Love it! Totally made my day! Really, it did.


why I don’t twitter October 31, 2011

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Remember when blogging used to be enough? Now you have to have a FB page, a twitter, a linked in account, and chat features and a YouTube Channel and a fanclub. My word! oh… and don’t forget give-a-ways and door prizes.

I’m sorry to disappoint, but my blog isn’t going that way any time soon. I haven’t the slightest clue of anything I have sitting around my home which anyone would care to have sent to them as a prize and I don’t really understand the point of twitter. Who the heck needs a minute by minute account of anyone’s life? That’s even a little weird for me. Besides it wouldn’t only be embarrassing anyhow:

1:00pm sneak to potty with out toddler knowing so he wont follow me in and unravel the entire roll of TP.
1:04pm come back out with TP stuck to my shoe and my skirt tuck into my undies.
1:37pm say something really stupid in front of no less than 3 neighbors in the elevator.
1:42pm smear chocolate all over my mouth while trying to eat a snack in the car.
1:48pm make a wrong turn and end up on the beltway heading in the wrong direction.
1:52 make a u turn and head the other way… and miss my exit.
2:10 arrive at store and realize I forgot my list. and my purse… and the money.
2:45 leave store only to realize my daughter has “stolen” a lacy bra and a bottle of shampoo.
2:50 go back in with a red face and return stolen goods to the teen aged male cashier.
3:10 arrive home, put all the kids down for a nap (even the 11 yr old!) and go eat some chocolate.

ok so none of this happened today… but it all has happened at one point or another. Sure, I have many moments of insight and even genius! but who wants to hear about that boring stuff?


no free-thinking when you’re working! October 20, 2011

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I realized that if I am going to get any work done, I can’t allow myself to think freely. As soon as I start doing that, all my good intentions of getting work done go right out the window and sit staring thoughtfully at walls, and people’s blurry faces as I focus too deeply my own inner world. My thoughts, my feelings and my deep questions such as–why does black tea make my mouth taste just like sandpaper?

I am proud of me today. I didn’t (until now, but I’ve been working for 7 hours straight) let my mind wander and I worked REALLY hard. I got a lot–though never, ever enough–done today. And now I am ready to go home and question the meaning of life.

…and eat. Because I haven’t eaten anything but cookies in many hours.

I ate a whole bag of cookies. Gluten free cookies. $5.00 worth of cookies. There are very few things you can sneak into a coffee-shop inconspicuously. So I choose cookies. I feel like a kid. and also really sick.


Daddy Dinners October 6, 2011

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I realized this evening as I was sitting on my couch realizing things, that I mispoke about my husband earlier.

He doesn’t just make chicken, green beans, and rice and I should give him more credit than that! So I will list some of his regular “Daddy Dinners”:

* Roasted whole chicken, green beans and rice.
* Hot dogs, green beans and rice.
* Turkey breast, green beans and rice.
* Burgers, green beans and rice.
* Tacos and–yep you guessed it–green beans a rice.
* Quesodillas (-hold the green beans and rice)

Generally we have a rule against pizza and green beans as well, because just, ewww. We do eat other vegetables as we;;. He just favours that one at the moment I guess. Men like keeping to basic patterns, at least that my experience.

And see it’s not actually that he can’t cook either. It’s that if dinner is left to him it generally means I’m behind on my schedule, which means he is too… so he whips together his old reliables. Which might I add is gourmet eatin’ compared to the microwave meals I grew up with.

For the record he can cook any sort of meat if he has a grill. It’s like he hit 30 and he became a real man – the kind with a lumberjack beard, apron and one of those oddly long grilling prong thingies. He even marinades and brines! Oh how our world has changed since he started brining. Did you know that chicken breasts don’t have to taste like hockey pucks if you brine them? A-MAZ-ING!

All 3 of my pregnancies he has managed, with the helps of fish sticks and frozen french fries, to keep all of the children well-fed.

He also makes me fried egg and blackberry jelly waffle-sandwiches when I’m mean and grumpy in the morning (which is often.)

I have no complaints!


google-chat October 5, 2011

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My kids are getting older, and with every year they grow, they become nosier and nosier. We now can no longer hold a conversation in their presence at any time without hearing the ever annoying, “Tell me! I wanna know too!!!!

We used to spell to one another, but then someone went and taught them the alphabet and it pretty much went down hill from there.

We tried talking in code words, but it didn’t take long for them to figure out.

I just could never handle pig latin, because frankly it’s just too weird. Pigs. Latin. I mean, really?

So we came up with a plan. When we want to talk privately we go to the computer and message each other. If we pretend we are working, and the kids will automatically leave us alone. Well, for a few minutes anyhow.

The way I see it, google-chat has saved our marriage.