Hospital vs. Homebirth–Which is Safer? July 26, 2012

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When a Routine Epidural Turns Deadly

I have so many thoughts on this article that I’m dying to write a “reply” article. If only I can find the time…

This is such a scary thing to think about–and it DOES happen. More often than I think most people realize. (Just ask my dad who contracted TWO infections whilst in the hospital last year for an in patient surgery! Something that a year later is still affecting him.

So, hospitals are not nearly as “safe” as we often think them to be. That said, does telling one of the most shocking stories about hospitals really help to better prove the safety of home birth? Does telling a horror story about homebirth better promote the safety hospital births?

Me thinks not. Because the truth is, people need to be making these individual decisions for themselves, and THAT is what birth professionals should be promoting. Making educated decisions is the safest route to a healthy, happy birth for you and your baby. Birth comes with a long list of blessings and a long list of possible risks anyway you cut it. “Natural” doesn’t necessarily mean “safe” anymore than “hospital” means “pain-free”. And it makes me sad often the those key words are confused as being synonymous with each other.

I cannot recommend anything better than to do not only the research for yourself, but also to consider your individual needs regarding birth before coming to a decision. Where to birth your baby is the first important decision you make for you baby! It deserves a lot of thought and care.

If you need help deciding on these matters, don’t hesitate to call or email a doula near you–that is exactly what we are here for! In fact, talk with a few so you can get the benefit of several combined years of experience and education on your side. It’s never too late nor too early to start planning for your optimal birth experience.


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