names December 6, 2011

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My regular Starbucks is now asking your name so they can call you when the order is ready:

–What is your name?
//No, Tzipporah
//No, Tzipporah
–oh, okay, Zivorah?
//yeah let’s just go with that one

They never did call me, but when I went up there I read on the side of my cup “Qoborah

It’s just a recipe for disaster with how many ethnic and religious groups live in this area.

Last month I got a letter addressed to “Mr. Tzipjiberick.” Awesomeness! They even messed up my gender on that one.

(I just realized that my first and last names combined have 17 letters. heh. Never noticed that.)


2 Responses to “names”

  1. Rivki Says:

    Hysterical! This is why I give my English name in certain situations. It’s just easier and quicker. 🙂 We’re thinking about giving our subsequent children English names for this reason.

  2. Your Husband Says:

    You could really throw them off and just say “My name is Dave”.

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