On the Bright Side November 1, 2011

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After a full day of Mommy-work, I opened my computer about an hour ago to get BB-work done and so far I have managed to:
* cuddle a child who was waking up
* comfort a child who was hurting
* helped a child with the potty–multiple times
* give and clean up several snacks and drinks
* put away left overs
* clean the table
* do some homework with my son
* clean up a mess on the floor
* comfort another hurting child
* answered an email
* and write this post (okay, that one was my fault)

Thank God for children! If only someone would pay me for taking care of them and I’d totally have it made!

On a humourous note: Two separate someones said to me recently, “Hey, I didn’t know you worked for Starbucks!”

Oh, no-no-no! I work at Starbucks… not for Starbucks.
See, I’m there just as often, but the difference is that they refuse to play for my health insurance plan and they wont let me wear one of those cool aprons. Though, I am still trying to figure out how to get them to give me my own key. I always clean up after myself, so the way I figure it, it’s the least that they owe me.

Really, I don’t even like coffee and their tea is not really my cup of well–you know. But I buy it anyhow so that they can’t complain about me stealing their internet. Sometimes I even drink it. The tea, not the internet. And never the coffee, because I only like burnt leaf-water, not burnt bean-water. But the people are nice!

On yet another humourous note: A client handed me a payment for work we did for her in the form of a check… made out to the local grocery store. Ha! That is so something I would do. Love it! Totally made my day! Really, it did.


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