always a way back November 1, 2011

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The other day I was sitting at the computer working with my husband when we heard a key rattling around in the lock of our door. I smiled because I knew what it was… someone walked onto the wrong floor and being as that every floor is identical here, unless you stop to really look closely, you’ll end up at the wrong apartment. I carefully opened the door as not to cause alarm, and there stood and older lady who jumped quickly back. “Do you happen to have the wrong apartment?” I asked politely. She fumbled for words… looked up at the number on my door… and stands there bewildered. I helped her out by explaining that she probably came off of the elevator onto the wrong floor, it’s no biggie. She was shaking. After she realized her mistake she anxiously laughed and went back to the elevator. Could there have been anything she expected less than to walk into her apartment and be greeting by a frum family of 5 in her living room?

Such is life. You fail to notice one small difference in your journey and you end up in an totally different place. It’s nice when you notice before you open the door, but there is a path back either way.


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