why I don’t twitter October 31, 2011

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Remember when blogging used to be enough? Now you have to have a FB page, a twitter, a linked in account, and chat features and a YouTube Channel and a fanclub. My word! oh… and don’t forget give-a-ways and door prizes.

I’m sorry to disappoint, but my blog isn’t going that way any time soon. I haven’t the slightest clue of anything I have sitting around my home which anyone would care to have sent to them as a prize and I don’t really understand the point of twitter. Who the heck needs a minute by minute account of anyone’s life? That’s even a little weird for me. Besides it wouldn’t only be embarrassing anyhow:

1:00pm sneak to potty with out toddler knowing so he wont follow me in and unravel the entire roll of TP.
1:04pm come back out with TP stuck to my shoe and my skirt tuck into my undies.
1:37pm say something really stupid in front of no less than 3 neighbors in the elevator.
1:42pm smear chocolate all over my mouth while trying to eat a snack in the car.
1:48pm make a wrong turn and end up on the beltway heading in the wrong direction.
1:52 make a u turn and head the other way… and miss my exit.
2:10 arrive at store and realize I forgot my list. and my purse… and the money.
2:45 leave store only to realize my daughter has “stolen” a lacy bra and a bottle of shampoo.
2:50 go back in with a red face and return stolen goods to the teen aged male cashier.
3:10 arrive home, put all the kids down for a nap (even the 11 yr old!) and go eat some chocolate.

ok so none of this happened today… but it all has happened at one point or another. Sure, I have many moments of insight and even genius! but who wants to hear about that boring stuff?


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