no free-thinking when you’re working! October 20, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tzippitydoula @ 3:43 am

I realized that if I am going to get any work done, I can’t allow myself to think freely. As soon as I start doing that, all my good intentions of getting work done go right out the window and sit staring thoughtfully at walls, and people’s blurry faces as I focus too deeply my own inner world. My thoughts, my feelings and my deep questions such as–why does black tea make my mouth taste just like sandpaper?

I am proud of me today. I didn’t (until now, but I’ve been working for 7 hours straight) let my mind wander and I worked REALLY hard. I got a lot–though never, ever enough–done today. And now I am ready to go home and question the meaning of life.

…and eat. Because I haven’t eaten anything but cookies in many hours.

I ate a whole bag of cookies. Gluten free cookies. $5.00 worth of cookies. There are very few things you can sneak into a coffee-shop inconspicuously. So I choose cookies. I feel like a kid. and also really sick.


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