Daddy Dinners October 6, 2011

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I realized this evening as I was sitting on my couch realizing things, that I mispoke about my husband earlier.

He doesn’t just make chicken, green beans, and rice and I should give him more credit than that! So I will list some of his regular “Daddy Dinners”:

* Roasted whole chicken, green beans and rice.
* Hot dogs, green beans and rice.
* Turkey breast, green beans and rice.
* Burgers, green beans and rice.
* Tacos and–yep you guessed it–green beans a rice.
* Quesodillas (-hold the green beans and rice)

Generally we have a rule against pizza and green beans as well, because just, ewww. We do eat other vegetables as we;;. He just favours that one at the moment I guess. Men like keeping to basic patterns, at least that my experience.

And see it’s not actually that he can’t cook either. It’s that if dinner is left to him it generally means I’m behind on my schedule, which means he is too… so he whips together his old reliables. Which might I add is gourmet eatin’ compared to the microwave meals I grew up with.

For the record he can cook any sort of meat if he has a grill. It’s like he hit 30 and he became a real man – the kind with a lumberjack beard, apron and one of those oddly long grilling prong thingies. He even marinades and brines! Oh how our world has changed since he started brining. Did you know that chicken breasts don’t have to taste like hockey pucks if you brine them? A-MAZ-ING!

All 3 of my pregnancies he has managed, with the helps of fish sticks and frozen french fries, to keep all of the children well-fed.

He also makes me fried egg and blackberry jelly waffle-sandwiches when I’m mean and grumpy in the morning (which is often.)

I have no complaints!


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