google-chat October 5, 2011

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My kids are getting older, and with every year they grow, they become nosier and nosier. We now can no longer hold a conversation in their presence at any time without hearing the ever annoying, “Tell me! I wanna know too!!!!

We used to spell to one another, but then someone went and taught them the alphabet and it pretty much went down hill from there.

We tried talking in code words, but it didn’t take long for them to figure out.

I just could never handle pig latin, because frankly it’s just too weird. Pigs. Latin. I mean, really?

So we came up with a plan. When we want to talk privately we go to the computer and message each other. If we pretend we are working, and the kids will automatically leave us alone. Well, for a few minutes anyhow.

The way I see it, google-chat has saved our marriage.


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